The Real Book on How to Cook- Win a Copy!

June 29, 2013

Know anyone who can’t cook but would love to learn? The Real Book on How to Cook is specifically created for new and novice cooks to teach them the basics rarely found in traditional cookbooks, such as how to compare recipes, how to choose vegetables or meat, and what seasonings to use with what dishes. It even has FAQs to answer the new cook’s most common questions. 

Faith Knight uses her own method called P.O.T.S to take you from A to Z so the new cook can build confidence and create great meals.

5 Stars
"From the moment this book arrived at my doorstep, I was impressed.
The cover told me what to expect.The layout and flow of the text is 
easy to follow, simply to read and well organized. I found information
throughout, that was useful and well developed. It is a book that is
 great for any cook, at any level.

"The experienced cook will not be disappointed, there is always
something to be learned in regard to the craft of cooking.

 "It's refreshing that it's not another cookbook, but, a book that gives
 you tips and tricks to help make cooking, enjoyable.

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