One Vote. One Minute. Make a Difference

May 16, 2012

It is so wonderful to have your literary work nominated for an award! However, the nomination is just the beginning.

Now the voting begins and that's where your help is needed. Please take a minute to vote for the "Color Me Jazzmyne" Best-in-Series Swirl Award. You can vote "once" per day until June 2, 2012.

3 Easy Steps. One Vote. One Minute. Makes a Difference.

Step #1. Click on the link below.

Step #2. Click on the button for "Color Me Jazzmyne" Series by Marian L. Thomas

Step #3. Click on the "Vote" Button.

That's it. Your vote made a difference!

Feeling like you want to do more? Here are a few more steps you could take that make a huge difference.

1. Post on Facebook: "Vote for Marian L. Thomas-Color Me Jazzmyne on "Best-in-Series" and cast your vote."

2. Tweet about this on Twitter: "Your Vote is Needed. Color Me Jazzmyne Series-Go to- Click on Best-in-Series. Select "Color Me Jazzmyne". Vote."

3.Vote Each Day.

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