21 Days of Setting Your Mind to IT!

January 10, 2012

Type A- dreams about it.

Type B- gives it more than casual thought.

Type C- does something more than dream and think about it. 

Which type are you? If you want to become an author, one must move through the stages of the mental thought process.

For many, becoming an author starts with a dream, then it moves to a more casual thought , where it lingers on the back of their minds and they struggle with moving forward. Others, on the other hand, decide not to struggle with it, no, they decide to do something more with it. They take a dream from a thought and look for ways to turn it into a reality. How?

They set their minds to it.

The concept of "setting your mind" to do something, is certainly not new. What becomes new, is how you use that old age concept to your benefit. It requires focus, determination and the ability to see past the challenges that will come.

Drive yourself by doing research on the publishing process. Look to see what books out in the literary market are selling, then think about how you can turn an old idea turn into something unique. Get your creative juices flowing by writing a sentence to a story that has been brewing in your head, each day for twenty-one days.

Why twenty-one days? Simply, now that you have set your mind to it for this length of time— you will keep it there.

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  1. I had no idea that reviews from Goodreads showed up on Worldcat.org. I am in the process of getting my book out there and would love to get it into a library. Thanks for your help!


  2. I've been trying to write a book, but I'm only fourteen, so ít's kind of hard with school stuff. But this is great advice! Thanks!

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    All the best for your blog!

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