Get 5 Steps Closer to Getting Your Book in Libraries

June 28, 2011

1. Start with your local libraries. Be sure your book contains content that is geared toward the general readers. Ensure that your book is sturdily bound as library books get heavily used.

2. Get Reviews for your book on (Reviews on show up in the WorldCat.Org Library Website). It is also great if you can get your book reviewed by:
a. Publisher's Weekly
b. Kirkus
c. Library Journal

3. Send a flyer to the Library.
a. Tell them what the book is about. Keep it brief.
b. Why your book is appropriate for their library collection. (Reviews, testimonals, etc).
c. Who your targeted audience is for your book.
d. Give your author bio.
e. When and where you book was published. (Include: date of publication, price, if a discount is   available for multiple copies, ISBN, type of binding and your edition statement.
f. Tell the library how they can purchase your book. (Most use Baker & Taylor).
g. Make sure you book is of good quality.

4. Donate copies of your book to the library in your community. Who doesn't like free stuff? Remember that libraries are not-for-profit organizations, so show your support by giving them a few copies of your book. Giving always goes along way.

5. Offer to do a speaking engagement. Library are great resources for children and young adults. Can you tailor your topic of expertise to help encourage, motivate or inspire a child or young adult? If so, tell your library about it.

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