Creating Your "Featurs & Benefits" List

May 10, 2011

In the sales world, closing a sale and not closing a sale always comes down to one very important thing: How Well You Were Able to Present the "Features and Benefits."

Many sales people mistake presenting the "benefits" of their product or services as features. Benefits are not what makes your product great (those are the features) but rather, how your product will help the company improve some aspect of their business. The writing world is very similar when it comes to selling a book verses not selling a book.

Here's an example:
Feature: My book deals with finding peace from your past.
Benefit: The ability to find peace from your past helps you to move forward with your future.

How do you come up with the features and benefits of your book?

Ask yourself, what  aspects of a person's life does my book address? Does my book offer the reader a solution, suggestion or some practical steps they can take to resolve a conflict or challenge? If so, how? Now consider, how the reader will benefit once the solution, suggestion or practical steps have been taken?

Gathered Your List, Now What? Let's consider 5 things you can now use them for.

1. To pitch the media. Show them how your book helps their audience.
2. To create a press release.
3. To create sales copy on your website.
4. To create a mailer to bookstores.
5.  To create an event notice. Tell your readers why they need your book.

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