Great resource if you're looking for ways to get your book reviewed!

June 23, 2010

So how do you find a good blog on books? That is the question that perhaps has been entered into the Google search engine millions of times in some form or fashion. I tried a Google search on this topic and came across a blog that is dedicated to provided links to other great book blogs.

Another great tip about book blogs is that the creator of the blog will often post their availability to do book reviews. If you are a new author, check out the blog link below and use it as a resource to find other book blogs to get reviews for your book. As an author this is more than great and an excellent way to get an honest review of your book for or Barnes &

Thanks to Fyrefly's Book Blog for the effort put into creating the list of 1200 book blogs for all of us new authors looking to get book reviews, read new books or just find out what books are set to release.

Link to the Fyrefly's book blog:

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