Count the Cost!

June 01, 2010

Often when at a book signing I am asked about publishing versus self-publishing. To this question comes varied responses as I try to base them on what the person is "really" asking. Most would like to know how to find a publisher, be a publisher or just how to write a book that can be published.

To those considering the self-publishing route, I give you three words- "Count the Cost". Now, I am not really referring to money but, rather to the emotional journey that self-publishing can take you on. Know that there will be sleepless nights, days of extreme smiles, low-downs, streams of tears and everything else in between. In essence, when you decide to self-publish, you take on everything a large publishing company tackles with a much larger budget and yet somehow you have to figure out how to do what they do-on your budget.

This fact is not to discourage you but to encourage you to "count the cost" and don't forget to throw in all the emotional stuff as well.

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  1. As a new author of Fatal Rebounds ( , I can relate to this article. I chose self-publishing for various reasons, especially since it forces me to learn about this industry through trial and error. Maybe in the future I'll consider a publisher. For now, I'm enjoying this invigorating experience.