Meet the Author Jennifer 'JE' Wilford

April 27, 2010

Introduce Yourself to Author Jennifer 'JE' Wilford
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February 15, 2010
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1. Introduce yourself by telling us something unique about you? One that is more public is that I own my own freelance graphic company, Je’Designs, where I am the main designer. I have never really completed a lot of courses in graphic design.

2. What was your inspiration for picking up a pen? Tragedy. Writing was my way to escape my pain. I tried consulting with doctors, friends and some family, but I still felt no one really understood what I was going through. I was literally about to lose my mind. I enjoy talking to people and giving advice from my person life experiences. I knew that my story could help someone out there.

3. What obstacles did you face on your journey to authorship? I had to endure the loss of my parents. They both died within 1o months of each other. My dad and I were close but my mom was my best friend. That devastated me and changed my life. It scared me so bad I gave up the only life I knew as a lesbian after nearly 20 years. Nothing and no one was worth me not seeing my parents again. That was worth the sacrifice.
4. How did you overcome them? I put all my feelings on paper. I wrote every tear that I shed, and every thought that crossed my mind during that time. Readers have never been given the opportunity to really see visual images from the author. There are moments that actually will take your breath away.

5. How did writing change your outlook on life?  I no longer saw life in Black and White but in color. Things that we take for granted on a daily basis, are seen in black and white; such as our parents, food and water. But when reality sets in, that is the clear picture of HDTV Color. The reality would be that we should never take anyone for granted. Nothing is guaranteed in life; only death. I walked away from being a lesbian.

6. There are many young females looking to tell their story….how much of their real-life experiences do you feel they should include? I feel that they should tell the reader exactly what they want them to know. A true reader loves true words. You can reveal what you want them to know and even allow them to draw their own conclusions. The only difference is that you know the truth, they readers guess. Speak from the heart and let the readers embrace your words. Let it be a mystery too. It’s up to you to bring your story alive.

7. How long did it take you to decide to tell the world your story? After my mom died, I would say it was about 4 months. But I could not begin to write the book until I left the lesbian lifestyle.

8. What impact did you want it to make? I want people to realize the value of life. The ones we love can be here today and gone tomorrow. I lost my mother within 3wks of her being diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes, if the audience feels the story is personal, they can relate and will be open to change. I feel this book can and will be that change. After you read this story, if you never had a relationship with your parents before, you will after reading this book. I wouldn’t want to see people wait until a tragedy arrives in their lives before they decide to walk away from certain things. Nothing and no one is more important that the love and respect of your parents. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that if my parents had not passed away, I would more than likely still be in the gay life. I just hope to touch the lives of those that take time out to read about my journey. Everyone has all kinds of struggles in all walks of life.

9. Describe what it was like to hold your published book for the first time? It was a sense of accomplishment. I was very proud of myself. I still couldn’t believe it was me. I immediately signed the first copy and dedicated it to my mom and dad and placed it on my memory table for them.

10. If you could change one thing on your journey to becoming an Author, what would it be? I wouldn’t change anything because if you did, it would change the uniqueness of your story. If you change the uniqueness, then you change the story and if you change the story, that changes everything!

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