Meet the Authors : Week 1

March 01, 2010

These next two months will be dedicated to the authors who have been featured in Newbie's Magazine, a digital online publication that is focused on connecting passionate authors with passionate readers, like you!

We will post one author each week and hope that you will visit their website, purchase their books and spread the word.

 Meet Author Julia Dudek

Newbie's Magazine Feature Month: December 15, 2010 pg. 5

See Feature Story of Author in Newbie's Magazine:

Newbie's: Give us a 360 degree look into the story?

Julia: I like to say, “Pieces is not your grandma’s cozy murder mystery…”

With equal parts mystery, suspense, and romance, Pieces is the story of a beautiful young medical student named Angelique who goes to desperate lengths to retrieve the lost memory of the man that killed her best friend right before her eyes. When Angelique unexpectedly discovers that being in danger helps to bring back a piece of the murderer’s identity, she goes looking for trouble in the worst areas of the city. Yet, she is well aware that she needs to survive in order to complete the puzzle—to help bring the murderer to justice—so she develops a unique and deadly weapon that her victims never see coming. To add to Angelique’s storm of emotional torment, she wrestles with an unwelcome feeling—falling in love with the detective assigned to her best friend’s murder case. And things couldn’t become more complicated when Angelique discovers that Detective Ben Marsden is also on the case of the city’s mysterious new serial killer that he doesn’t realize is right under his nose.

This edgy psychological thriller blurs the line between good and evil—justice and vengeance—and gives a profound look into the tormented mind of a grieving young woman. And in the midst of uncertainty and peril, Angelique, a damsel who refuses to admit distress, meets her knight in shining armor. Pieces may be of interest to readers who enjoy edge-of-your-seat mysteries in the style of a character-driven narrative that encompass the essential elements of life, truth, friendship, and romance.

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