Looking at "The Big Picture" -Part 3

February 18, 2010

First, I know we are way behind with this post. My apologies.

Here we are taking a final look at the concept behind looking at “the big picture” and trying to determine how the term might help us to page forward our writing thoughts in 2010. However, please understand that making application of the term, requires more than a general observation of what we think is ahead for us but, rather requires each of us to have a keen and steady focus on our journey to Authorship. We must stay focused on the big picture.

Pride is something that doesn't have to be haughty and can be sincere when displayed correctly. As you begin to write your story, take pride in your characters, their journeys and their obstacles. Why? Have you ever listened to an author talk about the characters in their book and you wonder if they even like them? They seem to have no sizzle, no zeal and are rather boring. Where is the pride in their character development? Pride in your story and the way in which you developed your characters will help others get into your written page even over the radio.

Innovation is something that you don't often here in the author community but so very important. Innovation calls for uniqueness. Is your story innovative? If not, look for ways to put a spin or twist on your plot. Innovation keeps the reader wanting more and that helps sell more books.

Creativity can come in so many forms when writing. Be creative in your book cover design, in your pitch and even in the way you market yourself. Think out of the box most times and in the box when the situation calls for it. There is something to say for experience (in the box). Creativity has it place, know when to use it.

True to oneself is a must do for all authors, but we still must remember that staying true to oneself doesn't mean that you don't accept suggestions, advice or even help when needed.

Upbeat and ready to go should always be your personality when talking about your book. Smile to yourself every time you mention your title or a character, this will come through the telephone during a radio interview. It will also help you to show that you have pride in your work.

Reachable is what an author must be with their readers. Do you have a website, a blog or ways in which readers can reach out and connect with you? If not, get going.

Engage yourself in group discussions (get connected to author groups), in networking, author book events, community events and in doing the leg work that must be done on a consistent basis.

Well that is the end of our discussion of looking at "the big picture". We hope you found some points that you can use that will help you to page forward your writing thoughts in 2010!

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