Page Forward Your Writing in 2010: Part 2

January 08, 2010

Is this the year our dreams become more than just mere thoughts in our heads? Answer yourself back with a strong and sound, yes! 2010 will be the year we Page Forward our writing thoughts. Here's how...

Focus is not just a term, concept or fancy word to throw around every now and then. Rather, it means that we must write down our vision but with a task. Without a task a vision is nothing more than a dream that will never happen. Focus on the task and you will move closer to living your dream.

Organization is extremely important. Get organized by making a checklist of the tasks you need to accomplish now that the ball is rolling in the forward direction. Make sure you also indicate the timeline in which you need to accomplish each task. No timeline means the task will always sit there, unfinished and we are back to step one again.

Reasons are what we write down as a personal note to ourselves. Some call them reminders of why we decided to get on the path to a published novel in the first place. Pull them out when you need to go back to step one.

Write out a marketing plan. This might sound strange at this stage but so important. Writing out your marketing plan gets you "pumped" up as they say. The mind begins to work and the idea that you can actually make your dream happen slowly begins to sink in for the first time. Now you feel like you are moving toward the road of published Author and this is how you are going to help others to see you that way.

Application of positive advice given by other published Authors is something that will help you limit mistakes. They will be made, but how many you make depends on how well you apply the positive advice from others who have made them and learned how to correct them. We learn, we apply and we move forward.

Readiness and willingness to roll up your sleeves and hang in there for even the rough spots is vital! Publishing a novel is exciting, thrilling and satisfying but it's not a world of chocolate either. Some times the road will be bitter with rejection. Keep page forward!

Determination is what will keep you in the writing "game" as they say. If you find yourself losing it, go back to step one--focus!

Are you ready to Page Forward your writing in 2010 and become a published Author! Answer yourself back with a strong, determined and focused-yes!

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  1. I can believe in this article. Determined and focused is a perfect roadmap for success in any endeavor. My passion happens to be writing, ( story telling)and I am determined to finish the three projects most important to me, three novels.
    Thank you for an interesting and inspiring article.

  2. I have to agree with this article, and Robert. Thank you for the help!