Page Forward: Turning Your Thoughts into a Published Page in 2010-Part 1

January 03, 2010

It's a new year, and for many that means looking for ways to turn their thoughts of publishing into a reality. Here's a new term to keep in mind—page forward. It means everything to a new author.

Purpose is a term we hear often but to a new author it means not "why" you write but "what" you want your readers to get out of your story. If you don't have a purpose to your story, your reader won't find one either.

Attention to detail. This is something that can be difficult to master in the beginning of a writing career but the more you keep working on it, the better you become at providing the details that your reader needs to grasp, understand and relate to your story.

Gravitate is what all writers hope readers will do when they see their published work. This can be tricky but not so much so that it becomes impossible to accomplish. This is not the time to think like an author! We must put ourselves in a readers mind and remember what made us gravitate toward a particular book we just had to purchase. Was it the bookcover? Was it the story that was told on the back of the book? Was it the title of the book? Whatever it was, remember that someone out there is just like you, so whatever made you choose one book over the other could likely be the same process for someone else.

Evolve is something we want to take place within our story and within our characters. How we do this often depends on us. Developing a story line is not something we woke up one morning and suddenly understood how to accomplish. For some, perhaps it did. But for the majority of us, it's something that takes place as we get our minds engaged in the story, we see the character come to life in our minds eye and we do our best to capture all that detail onto a written page. When writing a chapter, take a few notes. Nothing major but enough that helps you stay on track of where you see the character heading further into the story. What does the character need to do next? How will that impact the story later on? What impact might it have on other characters?

There are lots of elements to the written page, these four represent mere suggestions to help you focus your writing this year and help your thoughts, concepts and ideas become something more than images in your head but rather, I hope that these four suggestions will help you bring them…page forward.

We hope you will check back next week for Part 2.

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  1. Thank you for these tips and tricks! 2010 I do hope to be well on my way to publishing, and as I get closer to that step I will come back to this post and refresh my mind on the information. Great blog!