Looking at The Big Picture : Part 2

January 30, 2010

Looking at "The Big Picture" is what can keep any author moving toward page forwarding their writing thoughts. It can be the difference between having a dream and living a dream. In this post, we are going to look at the word "Big" and see how each of us might make the application.

Bring your all to the table. When it comes to publishing a book don't bring it half-way and then expect full results. Be willing to give it your all from the start. People can tell if you're only half-way in the game as they say and if that's the case then you can guess what they will give you in return.

Imagination doesn't end when you say "the end" to your story. In fact, imagination is just beginning. Think out of the box as they say when it comes to how you will market your book. Be creative. Look at hair salons if you are targeting women. How many times (if you're a female Author) have you walked into a hair salon and seen most of the women under the dryer reading a book? Why then, can't that book be yours? Imagination.

Gift yourself. This might sound strange but very important. When you get your very first proof copy, sign it to yourself. Write down all the emotions that made that moment so special. Try to do this immediately so later when you go to read it, it has the impact needed. Whenever, when you find yourself feeling depressed or doubtfull, pull it out and read it, this just might be the thing you need to get back to page forwarding your writing thoughts.

That's it for this week, we are behind so we will try to publish "Picture" by Tuesday. Thanks for taking the time to consider this information and I hope that it helps you to page forward your writing thoughts in 2010.

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